The Best Love and Acceptance Songs Inspired by LGBTQ+

Being able to adore and accept oneself is harder said than done, regardless of who you are or what you’re going through. Thankfully, many people (including some of our favorite musicians) have been there before and want to help the LGBTQ community through their music.

Here are the top LGBTQ -inspired songs from the recent past, some of which include lyrical advice for being an ally that promotes the idea of love and acceptance of all individuals, regardless of who they are or love.

The Best Love and Acceptance Songs Inspired by LGBTQ
The Best Love and Acceptance Songs Inspired by LGBTQ

1. Taylor Swift: “You Need to Calm Down” Song

This song and music video (which featured cameos from numerous members of the LGBTQ community, including the cast of Queer Eye), which was one of her first songs from the Lover album, celebrates shutting down the critics who try to judge what other people are doing.

These lyrics in this song “You are somebody that we don’t know / But you’re comin’ at my friends like a missile / Why are you mad? / When you could be GLAAD?”

2. Lady Gaga: “Born This Way” Song

With good cause, this song has become one of the most popular LGBTQ anthems of the last ten years. This song is all about enjoying who you are because it’s who you were born to be—no matter what. Not only has Gaga herself become a homosexual legend.

3. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis feat. Mary Lambert: “Same Love” Song

In this music video, Macklemore raps about a time he had sexual doubts and emphasizes that being homosexual doesn’t make one less than a heterosexual person. In the chorus, Mary sings verses from her song “She Keeps Me Warm,” in which she discusses her love for another woman and her refusal to alter who she is in order to appease others.

The Best Love and Acceptance Songs Inspired by LGBTQ
The Best Love and Acceptance Songs Inspired by LGBTQ

4. Pink: “Raise Your Glass” Song

This song, like so much of Pink’s music, is about accepting oneself. It’s all about being yourself, as she sings in the chorus, “So raise your glass if you are incorrect / In all the right ways.”

5. Cyndi Lauper: “True Colors” Song

Lauper, who was inspired by her sister’s coming-out story, has no qualms about advocating for the LGBTQ community in public. She decided to co-found True Colors United, a nonprofit organization whose goal is to prevent homelessness for LGBTQ children because this song about being true to yourself became a national anthem.

6. Troye Sivan: “Bloom” Song

Troye, it seems, had no problem telling everyone where he desired to be positioned sex-wise. It’s not just a wonderful bop; after hearing it, you’ll want it to be played at your next (virtual) Pride celebration. This song’s title comes from his sophomore album in 2018, and it’s not just a fantastic bop.

7. Janelle Monáe: “Make Me Feel” Song

With this smash, Monáe freely celebrates her queer identity after coming out as pansexual in 2018. In addition to giving off some seriously funky vibes (Prince did collaborate with her on the song), she made a point of casting her on-again, off-again GF Tessa Thompson as her romantic interest in the music video.

The Best Love and Acceptance Songs Inspired by LGBTQ+
The Best Love and Acceptance Songs Inspired by LGBTQ+

This above list is just a few of the many excellent and significant songs for the LGBT community. If you are satisfied with this article, we will be very grateful for this understanding. Don’t miss items like clothing and accessories related to Pansexual Pride Flag!


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