Films With Pansexual Characters – And Why We Need More Pansexual Films! (Part 2)

3. Every Day Movie: Rhiannon Character

Films With Pansexual Characters – And Why We Need More Pansexual Films! (Part 2)
Films With Pansexual Characters – And Why We Need More Pansexual Films! (Part 2)

Every Day (2018) is a movie that is based on the 2012 David Levithan book of the same name. It depicts the tale of Rhiannon, a sixteen-year-old girl who falls in love with a spirit that awakens in a different body every day. The film provides the perfect backdrop for a pansexual heroine, and Rhiannon is just that. Fans of the Netflix series Sense 8 may be able to predict where this is headed.

The ghost, who goes by the name of A, wakes up in a different body every day, but Rhiannon still has feelings for them. Every Day is a great example of a queer character defined by things other than their sexuality, even if neither the book nor the movie uses the phrase “pansexual.”

Rhiannon identifies as pansexual or, at the very least, under a similar category. Anyone looking for pan representation in film should watch this movie because her character is complex and interesting, both in terms of her sexuality and for various other reasons.

On the one hand, revealing a character’s sexuality after a work of art is finished gives an already well-known and recognizable character an intriguing and sympathetic dimension. Having awareness about a character’s sexual orientation before seeing a movie may enable fans to engage with the media and the character in novel and novel ways. When done well, focusing on a character’s sexuality outside of the text might provide viewers who are viewing or rewatching a movie with fresh insights.

4. The Thing About Harry Movie: Harry Turpin Character

Films With Pansexual Characters – And Why We Need More Pansexual Films! (Part 2)
Films With Pansexual Characters – And Why We Need More Pansexual Films! (Part 2)

Don’t allow The Thing About Harry’s modest budget put you off; one of the better depictions of a pansexual character may be seen in this film. The Thing About Harry made its television network debut on Freeform last year.

The movie, a romantic comedy, tells Sam’s story (played by Jake Borelli). Harry bullied Sam, a young gay man, in high school (Niko Terho). But as they get older, they reunite, and Harry—who is now pansexual—starts to fall for the bullied youngster he once tormented.

The movie doesn’t try to hide its rom-com roots; it’s lighthearted and even ridiculous, and the stakes are never actually that high. The acting and screenplay are approximately on par with comparable made-for-TV movies in terms of quality. While the film is entertaining, it will not likely win any awards.

The Thing About Harry, however, largely avoids LGBTQ stereotypes while leaning into its rom-com cliches. Even though the characters’ stereotypes are well-known, none of them are based on their sexual orientation. Harry is on our list despite the sad reality of having a pansexual figure onscreen who expresses that identity is so boundary-breaking.

5. Descendents Movie: Mal Character

Films With Pansexual Characters – And Why We Need More Pansexual Films! (Part 2)
Films With Pansexual Characters – And Why We Need More Pansexual Films! (Part 2)

Disney Channel actress Dove Cameron confirmed and defended the sexual orientation of some of the characters she had previously performed on the network on Twitter in October 2020.

A fan tweeted that they didn’t think Cameron’s character Liv from the Disney Channel sitcom Liv and Maddie was genuinely straight, which is how it all started. Maddie was absolutely gay, and Cameron responded in response to the fan, demonstrating his unequivocal agreement.

When challenged further, Cameron responded with a string of tweets outlining her assumptions about the sexual orientation of her other characters. Mal from the Disney Channel Original Movie series The Descendents was prominently featured in this. Cameron claims that Mal, the evil Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, is pansexual.

On October 7, she tweeted, “mal is pan.” The tweet is straightforward and has gotten more than 39,000 likes thus far.

Unsurprisingly, Disney hasn’t confirmed this information or commented on it, and it’s unlikely that they ever will. Fans of the Descendants movies may already be aware that the entertainment industry is infamous for its queerbaiting and that there isn’t much evidence in the films themselves to support Mal’s canonical pansexuality.

The fact that a fictitious character is no longer in the author’s control over how others view, perceive, and relate to them should also be emphasized here. A work of art can evoke very diverse responses in various viewers. It is often innocuous for two fans to perceive a character’s sexuality differently from one another.

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